Human Test Target Image
Human Test Source ImageHuman Test Source ImageHuman Test Source ImageHuman Test Source Image

Wählen Sie ein Bauteil, um die Platine betriebsbereit zu machen. Ziehen Sie Ihre Auswahl an den gewünschten Ort.

Select a component to make the board operational. Drag the desired selection to the correct location.

We again tried to open our site for users in the USA, Asia and eastern Europe for a couple weeks now, but to no avail.

Our experience was, that our sites were hammered by uncountable crawlers, harvesters, content scrapers, spammers, vulnerability scanners and criminal hacking attempts. They are mostly ignoring robot.txt, WTF? We are sick from 100s of MB of unwanted traffic delaying and sometimes preventing access for our honest visitors.

We do not tolerate this behaviour anymore, even, when losing business overseas. As a result we blocked access to our sites for most overseas IP adresses indefinitely. You still may be able to visit our site by using proxies or other european based services. However, IP range blocking may lead to some EU customers beeing blocked as well. If so, feel free to contact us to be whitelisted individually.

Captchas are annoying, and we will target the problem by a HUMAN TEST as shown on the left. However, we are still in the process of developing a user friendly interface. Meanwhile, IP blocking is the only potent opportunity to block those gangsters out there.

Thank you for your understanding and sorry for any inconvenience.