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GOTTLIEB System 80 MPU Prom1 2716 MOD

SYS80 MPU modification: 2716 EPROM in PROM socket 1

The PROM socket

A. The PROM Socket


A) Introduction:

If you own an early System 80 MPU (placed in alle games from Spiderman to James Bond) it might be helpful to replace the 7641 proms, located in socket Prom1 und Prom2 with a single 2716 in socket prom1. Especially, if one of your proms is damaged or the MPU should be used in another system80 or 80A game one day.


Cut the trace near Z10

B. Cut the trace near Z10


B) Modification on the component side of the MPU:

Cut the trace running between pin 6 and pin 7 of Z10.


Connection of Z10 Pin 13

C. Connection of Z10 Pin 13


C) Modification on the solder side of the MPU:

Cut the trace running to pin 19 and pin 21 of the prom1 socket.

Jump a wire between Z10 pin 13 and the pad, that is located under and on the right of Z9 pin 7.

Wire between the following locations:

Socket PROM 1 Handling Socket PROM 2 Signal
19 connect to 21 A10
21 connect to 24 VPP
22 connect to 18 A9

PROM socket 1 is now ready to take a 2716.

(c) 2005 Nicole.